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The Snow day

Updated: Feb 14

When there’s snow, not school and you have a hill.

Oh, the snow day saga! A winter wonderland with enough snow to make a Yeti feel at home - we're talking a solid 18 inches.

My wife and I, armed with boundless optimism and a slightly dubious toboggan, decided to introduce Tycho to the ancient art of tobogganing. The first few runs? Let's just say they were more 'snow plowing' than 'sledding.' But as persistence is the name of the game, we soon turned our amateur track into a sleek, snow highway. Each run got us zooming further and further, until – behold! – we reached our neighbour's well, a whole half a football field away (and yes, I've considered measuring it for accuracy).

Along the way, we bumped into some local folk, turning our snow adventure into a mini winter carnival. Laughs, chilly noses, and the kind of fun that makes you forget how cold your toes are. Tycho's giggles? The icing on the snowy cake!



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