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I used to hate photographing weddings. It was hard and out of my wheel-house. It wasn’t until friends started getting me to photograph their own weddings that I started to enjoy it more and more.

Being a wedding photographer requires a completely new skill-set – something I never developed doing commercial work. This lack of skill showed but as I eventually did more and more weddings, I began to like it more and more and now, I am truly happy with the work I am able to produce and the memories I am able to capture.


It may not be a great story but, it's true. I am down to earth. No frills and love to capture candid moments. 


Okay, but what is this all going to cost me?

Most likely when all said and done - $2,000 - $3,000. It sounds like a lot. And it is. But, a lot of work goes into this. Mostly all of the weddings I shoot, I am on location(s) from early morning and until the dancing stops.


I often have a second photographer shooting along side me so that we’re able to capture both bride and groom doing their thing - what ever that looks like.


And, what all do I get from you, Grant?

You’re bound to get 300-500 photos - depending on if your uncle Tom is there, and whether you have a free bar. Jokes aside, I typically capture what I need and only present to you the photos that aren’t going to cause you to go crazy looking at all the variations of the same shot. 


You will be mailed a USB drive with JPGS (or, application specific files) and an online archive/album will live on my site for 12 months. This is handy for sharing should you want to just forward links rather than jam up the inboxes. 

High Fives

Laura & Adrian

Grant is a ninja in disguise! We never even noticed him snapping away during the ceremony and reception, yet he somehow managed to capture every precious moment. They're like a photography magician - we have no idea how he does it, but we're so glad he did!"

What type of weddings do you enjoy shooting?

Glad you asked! I thrive shooting weddings for people who are adventure seekers - embrace the idea that no matter how hard you try, your day isn’t going 100% the way you want. Weddings are just big parties and everyone is there to have a good time But if this day stresses you out, you’re going to stress me out, and so, we may not be a great fit - which is totally fine. 


I absolutely LOVE outdoor weddings. I love being outdoors and taking photos outdoors. The lighting offers distinct and unique photos which are just downright fun to take and always turn out awesome. I also go indoors, too! But, be prepared to step outside for the fancy stuff. 


I want to see the photos. When can I see them?

We’re probably looking at 3-4 weeks. This may either seem like an eternity to you or, on par. Truth is, I process each photo. I clone-stamp stuff out, treat and crop. Multiply that with hundreds of photos and a 2 year old who only eats gourmet, that’s the time I take. 

Want to chat?

Get in touch with me and let's pencil this in. 

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