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Family or not - some people just want some photos of themselves doing really cool stuff. Some are into walking in beautiful places and some are into writing amazing words. Some are brand new parents and some like to run really really fast. But if there's only one common thread amongst us all is that we all want a photo or two to to capture and keep some sort of memory.

Book me for an hour or book me for a day and take me along - I'll make what ever adventure you up to the most memorable one.


Okay, but what is this all going to cost me?

Well, this all depends on what you are up to and how long I need to be there to get what we're after. There's travel time that we have to consider as well, but if you're in my backyard - and I don't have to travel too far, I usually don't charge anything additional because I'll more than likely be up for whatever you're into. 

Contact me to chat more about this. 


And, what all do I get from you, Grant?

Well for starters, we have to talk about expectations. In order for me to capture the perfect photos, it's usually a really good idea to discuss what your vision is. This allows us to plan certain aspects to make sure photos are taking at the right time and right place. 


After all this, you'll get your photos emailed to you in a few formates - depending on what you plan on doing with them. Furthermore, I host your photos online in a pretty nice gallery so you can share with friends and family without clogging up your internet tubes! 

High Fives


I didn't think it was possible to get everyone to smile at the same time, but somehow Grant did it. And he managed to make it all look effortless, even when the kids were climbing all over him like a jungle gym. So, if you want a photographer who can handle even the wildest of families, this is your guy!

What type of stuff do you enjoy shooting, Grant?

I pretty much enjoy shooting anything where a story needs to be told. Indoors, outdoors, one-on-one, teams - what have you.

This will be one of the first things I'll discover when you reach out so, we'll be able to figure this one real quick. 


I want to see the photos. When can I see them?

We’re probably looking at 3-4 weeks. This may either seem like an eternity to you or, on par. Truth is, I process each photo. I clone-stamp stuff out, treat and crop. Multiply that with hundreds of photos and a 2 year old who only eats gourmet, that’s the time I take. 

Want to chat?

Get in touch with me and let's pencil this in. 

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