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There's always been something fascinating about taking a picture. And as cliche as it might sound, the idea of capturing the moment exactly how I remember, is pretty much what I set out to do. And, if you do it long enough, you start noticing things a little differently. And when you combine a passion for photography with other hobbies, a certain style is created. Or at least it's that way for me. 

My name is Grant. I live in Beautiful British Columbia with my wife and tiny kid who also share my sense of adventure. My wife and I moved from rural Ontario just after we graduated from school for graphic design - which is where it all really started. 


Much of the work I did for clients had me buying lame stock photos for relatively hefty price tags. But, what's worse is that most of the time, they were still too much money which usually ended up with clients submitting in-house photography that just never ended up cutting it.  


So I just took the photos myself. Were they better? Maybe not. But I was shooting tonnes. I was going to construction sites, housing developments, bread factories, mushroom farms, dairy farms, canoe trips... all to save my clients from a stock photo rut of some sort.

What ultimately began with me trying to supplement my trade of graphic design, unintentionally ended with me now being contracted out to only take photos. Which is fantastic. 


I am still a graphic designer. But now, I am a photographer. 

This is my family, where I live and me - with a helmet on. Because I like to mountain bike.

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