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Sunny Cruise

Brightness. Sun. People now knowing they were being photographed.

Embarking on a ferry journey with Tycho, my ever-loyal companion, we set off towards Halfmoon Bay, a gem nestled along the Sunshine Coast.

The ferry sliced through the waters, its rhythmic churning harmonizing with the calls of seabirds overhead. The world seemed to unfold in hues of blues and greens, the sea merging with the sky at a distant, hazy horizon.

Halfmoon Bay, with its tranquil beauty and the gentle lapping of waves against the shore, was a haven of serenity. Time seemed to slow down here, allowing us to savor every moment. Tycho, with his boundless energy, seemed to revel in the new scents and sights, his excitement palpable in quest for frosted flakes.

Our return journey was timed perfectly. As the ferry began its homeward voyage, the sun, like a celestial artist, painted the sky in warm oranges and pinks. It hung low, casting a golden glow over the water, turning the waves into liquid amber. This enchanting spectacle was a fitting end to our little adventure, a memory etched in the canvas of time, illuminated by the soft, perfect light of the setting sun.



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