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Road Closed

Take the long way... to daycare.

Off to daycare, Tycho and I in a whirl,

Singing of meatballs that take quite the twirl.

It rolled off the table, hit the floor with a splat,

Tycho laughed so hard, nearly lost his hat!

Upper Sumas Road was no-go, what a bore,

So we took a detour, through memories galore.

Down ol' Straiton Road, where once we did roam,

Pre-Tycho days, our once wild home.

Through Clayburn Village, with its stories untold,

‘Bout our antics back then, bold and bold.

But hey, off to daycare, no time to sigh,

With Tycho in the back, singing meatball lullabies.

Then, Willband Creek Park, with its bird brigade,

Every bird ever, in a grand parade!

“Look, a flamingo!” Tycho would jest,

Or was it just a pigeon? Ah, who could attest!

So, with a meatball song and birds in a pack,

We made our way, no looking back.

Daycare adventures with Tycho, oh so fun,

Another day, another meatball run!



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