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New Years Camping

East Harrison Lake - camp.

We loaded up our trusty jeep, an unwavering companion on many such escapades, and set our sights on East Harrison Lake. The plan? Nothing too elaborate – just us, the jeep, and the open road (with a touch of wilderness for good measure).

Getting there was half the fun. The jeep, with its spirit as adventurous as ours, hummed and hawed through the twists and turns, each bend revealing vistas that had us pulling over more times than we'd care to admit. But who's counting when you're met with mountains that command your attention, their peaks playing hide and seek with the clouds?

By the time we reached our little slice of paradise, the sun was just beginning to dip, painting the sky in hues that no camera could do justice to, though that didn’t stop us from trying. Setting up camp under the watchful eyes of the towering mountains felt like being wrapped in a hug from nature itself. And then came the pièce de résistance – stringing up Christmas lights on the jeep's awning. There’s something about those twinkling lights that turns even the simplest setup into a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

As night fell, the lights not only illuminated our camp but also added a magical touch to the already breathtaking backdrop. The mountains, silent and stoic, seemed to lean in a little closer, curious about the soft glow emanating from our humble abode.

But what’s a camping trip without some gourmet camp coffee to start the morning? Let me tell you, sipping on that rich, aromatic brew while the world wakes up around you is an experience in itself. It's those quiet moments, with just the gentle lapping of the lake's water against the shore and the distant calls of waking birds, that really stick with you.

This trip, like many before, was a reminder of the simple joys. It wasn’t about the miles covered but the moments captured – not just on our phones, but in our hearts. It’s about finding that perfect spot, about turning a jeep into a cozy retreat with nothing but a string of lights, and about how a simple cup of coffee can taste like the finest meal when you're surrounded by nature.

So here’s to more adventures, more makeshift marvels, and more cups of coffee enjoyed in the lap of the great outdoors. Because in the end, it's these little things that make the grand tapestry of memories we’ll look back on and smile about.



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