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Mt. Cheam - Chilliwack, BC

Run, some cool people and a 4X4 adventure of sorts.

Imagine thinking you're in decent shape and then meeting a mountain that tells you otherwise. Every. Single. Step. My legs constantly alternated between “Let's do this!” and “Seriously, what were you thinking?”

At the summit, while trying to act cool and collected, I met a group of folks who looked like they’d done this a million times. And turns out, they kinda had. They've hiked Mt. Cheam for 30 straight years! Yep, while I was contemplating if I'd ever attempt this again, they were planning their next year's rendezvous. Chatting with them was like leafing through a history book, one filled with tales of past hikes, weather mishaps, and memories shared. Made my one-day adventure seem like a walk in the park (which, technically, it was, just a very uphill park).

Between huffs and puffs, I couldn’t help but notice the wildflowers lining the path. Mother Nature sure knows how to distract a weary runner. These splashes of color, whether they were a vibrant blue or a sunny yellow, were the little pick-me-ups I needed.

But the icing on this comedic cake was yet to come. As I started my descent, I spotted a shiny, extremely expensive Merc making its bold attempt up the incredibly rough utility road. Now, G Wagons are known for their off-road prowess, but this seemed like someone trying to use a Rolls Royce for pizza deliveries.

The vehicle lurched and bumped, its glossy exterior getting a taste of nature's rough embrace. Inside, a couple clad in high-fashion hiking gear (yes, that's a thing) looked a mix of terrified and determined. They were clearly on a mission – whether it was to conquer the mountain or simply test the limits of their prized car, I couldn't tell. Spectators (like myself) were torn between cheering them on and offering a comforting pat when they finally realized that some roads are best left to rugged old jeeps.

A day of unexpected laughs, chats, views, and a newfound respect for loyal hikers (and SUVs attempting to be mountain goats). Safe hiking and happier panting! 🌄🌼👟😄


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